Becoming ALIVE Taking Your Next Steps

Our greatest prayer is to be able to help you and/or your family take your next step in your faith and relationship with God. Please explore the following next steps for your faith.

1. Find and Follow:
Start or deepen your personal relationship with God!
To talk with Pastor Phil or another ministry leader about accepting Christ and taking the faith-step of Baptism email or call" Phil Struckmeyer at: or (317)315-0158"

2. Explore and Engage: Beginning your journey of coming ALIVE! To talk with Natalie Sheldon about developing your patterns of participation by …
Consistently Attending Sunday Worship Gatherings.
Joining a new or existing LIFE Group.
Finding a ministry to sign-up and serve in.
Being a part of all things ALIVE
…email or call …

3. Becoming and Belonging: Calling ALIVE your church home!
Talking to Dennis Sheldon about our I AM ALIVE discipleship and Membership classes and process. or call...


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